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The Monkey.D Family one of the main members of the clan



Anyone with a D that would die or almost died would die with a smiled or grin on their face.

Strengths and Abilities[]

All people who have the letter "D" as their middle initial are some of the most powerful individuals in their world. However, while some members may not have incredible strength, one thing they all appear to have is near unbreakable wills and ability to influence others.

Impact on their World[]

They are considered a threat to the Celestial Dragons and are also said to be a threat to God. What most members of the clan have in common is that they all appeared to smile at the time of their death. So far, a majority of members have an impact on the world in some way. Gol. D Roger obtained everything that anyone could dream to have: wealth, fame and power . He also discovered the secrets of the void century and true freedom. At his execution he told the world that his treasure was theirs for taking and, with his last words, the title of Pirate King and the Age of Pirates was born.

Portagas D. Rouge was the lover Gol. D. Roger and became pregnant with his child. After his death, the World Government began a search for Rouge and his child. Though Rouge, through sheer will power alone, held her pregnancy for twenty months to protect her child, only to pass away from exhaustion after giving birth to him; holding him in her arms.

Some members of the clan have also had negative impacts on the world. Rocks D. Xebec, who was considered one of the world's greatest at the time, wished to take over the world and formed a crew that contained three members who would go on to become three of the of The Four Emperors. His power was threatened when two members of the clan formed an alliance in order to stop him.

List of Members[]



  • Portgas D. Ace(Son of Roger and Rouge)( Adoptive Brother of Luffy and Sabo)(Adoptive Grandson of Garp)
  • Portgas D. Rouge(Mother of Ace)(Lover of Roger)


Clan of D relatives[]

  • Sabo(Adoptive Brother of Luffy and Ace)
  • Curly Dadan(Foster Mother of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo)