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Fall past

Cinder before attaing her Maiden Powers

Not much is known about Cinder's past other that she claims that she was born in the Kingdom of Mistral. At some point she met Salem and joined her group with promise she would give her the means to have power, fear and strength above all others. Eventually the two plotted to steal powers of current Fall Maiden, Amber. She encountered Emerald Sustrai a petty thief at the time using her semblance to steal a ring and was impressed with her and thus recruited with promise of food, comfort and protection for her service. Afterwards she attempts to recruit Marcus Black a famous assassin but as she heads to his home in the mountains, he is killed by his son, Mercury Black, Impressed by his skills she instead recruits him instead. Afterwards at Mercury's suggestion the three then broke out Roman Torchwick a criminal in the Kingdom of Vale.

Afterwards they try enlist the help Adam Taurus the Leader of the vale branch of the White Fang. However Adam denies their offer on the grounds that they fight for a human cause for which he is unwilling to sacrifice his men.

Not long after three attack Amber in order to steal her powers. After tough battle they manged to defeat and with Mercury and Emerald holding down, she uses a mysterious glove to steal her powers however before it can be completed Amber is saved by Qrow Branwen who severs the connection between Amber and Cinder before Cinder is able to steal all of Amber's power.

Later, Cinder returns to the White Fang camp with Emerald and Mercury. This time, Cinder secures the support of Adam and the White Fang with the threat of violence with her stolen powers, as well as the offer of Dust and large amounts of cash.

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Even before attaining her maiden powers Cinder was a force to be reckoned with. Her fighting involves using raw dust a difficult technique as it is consider harder to control. She displays mastery over fire which she normally uses fiery explosions, which is powerful enough to block and knock back some of Glynda's manipulated debris. she is seen transforming a cloud of dust she had previously dispensed into several shards of what appears to be glass, which she proceeded to launch as projectiles. She also displays the ability to do this with ordinary dirt, after she kicks dirt into the air while fighting Amber.

After attaining half of the Fall Maiden's power she displayed the ability to use elemental powers. Though she stilled used Dust against weaker opponents. Once she attained Full powers of the Fall Maiden she has gained the ability to, control of the weather and melt and create objects in her hand. As one of the Fall Maidens who one of the few can use Magic in her world and don't require Dust, Cinder has become one of the strongest warriors in her world rivalling that of Elite Huntsmen.

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Expert Swordsmanship:

Expert Marksman:


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