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Since witnessing Monkey D. Luffy's miraculous survival on the execution stand in Loguetown two years ago, Bartolomeo became a massive fan of Luffy's and views him as his hero, even to the point of worshiping him. After hearing of the other worlds, and how Luffy is one of the four Acts Of Order, his admiration extended towards Ichigo, Naruto and Natsu. So much, he is planing on making something that pays tribute to all the Acts Of Order.

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Devil Fruit Edit

Barrier Man

Barrier Man

Bartolomeo ate the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit which allows him to be a Barrier Human. He uses his Devil Fruit powers both to protect himself and attack his opponents. His barriers are seemingly indestructible, as attacks from powerful individuals such as Hack, Bellamy, Galdius, and Zancrow, even a Tailed Beast Bomb could not damage the barrier.

  • Barrier (バリア Baria?): Bartolomeo activates his fruit's ability by crossing his fingers, causing a transparent barrier to appear which can protect him from attacks. So far, two shapes for his barrier have been seen, a rectangular barrier and a semi-spherical barrier.
    • Barrier Crash (バリアクラッシュ Baria Kurasshu?): Bartolomeo forms a transparent barrier in front of himself and sends it towards the enemy at high speed, smashing it against them.
    • Barrier Bulls (バリア突進牛(ブルズ) Baria Buruzu?, literally meaning "Barrier Charging Bull"): Bartolomeo forms a curved transparent rectangular barrier in front of himself and moves forward along with the created barrier, knocking and mowing everything in his path like a bulldozer.
  • Barrier Ball
    • Barrier Hamster
  • Barrierbility (流動防壁(バリアビリティ) Bariabiriti?, literally meaning "Flux Barrier"): Bartolomeo activates this fruit's ability by squeezing his hands while crossing his fingers to change the shape of barrier into various forms while keeping the barriers' hardness.
    • Stairs (階段(ステアーズ) Suteāzu?):

He changes the shape of his barriers into a flight of stairs, allowing him or his allies to move freely in the air while protecting them from attacks coming from below.

  • Homage: God's Weapon Flux Barrier Rasengan

Physical Abilities Edit

Immense Durability


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