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Sōsuke Aizen has direct rule over the entire organization with Kaname Tosen, Gin Ichimaru and the Espada acting as his second in command. The Organization is almost entirely made of Arrancar. The Espada then have their subordinates called Fraccion. Similar to the power gap between captains and lieutenants in the Gotei 13, the strength of the Espada far surpasses that of the average Número.

Espada are given special privilege than that of the Números such as knowing the location of the Hōgyoku and the plans and secrets of their leader, Sōsuke Aizen. If an Espada is killed the Fraccion has the possibility of being promoted to Espada.

The Espada's leadership also depends on a number based ranking. A higher-ranked member can give orders to lower-ranked members, such as when Ulquiorra Cifer leads a team of lower-ranked Espada to kidnap Orihime Inoue.


Aizen army is comprised of powerful Arrancar and among them are the Espada's ten most powerful Arrancar whose power rivaled that of the Gotei 13 Captains. The ranking of the Espada is determined by the number tattooed on their bodies, although it should be noted that the number represents the level of their Spritual Pressure, not their individual abilities.

Relationship of the Coalition[]

Threat to the Alliance[]

Although they have been noted to be less of a threat when compared to the Wandenreich and the Sternritters, the Arrancar still pose a great threat to the Alliance.

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