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At some point after the death of the 1st Wizard King Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, he was selected as the second Wizard King. A paranoid man he invented a powerful magical barrier to protect the Clover Kingdom in case a threat similar to the demon ever faced.

However, the 2nd Wizard King was unable to fix the flaw of the barrier that is able to used once and had to place the magic device on one of the Grand Magic Zones for it to work properly.


War of Discoveries(Prologue)[]

The 2nd Wizard King has been mentioned by Julius Novachrono when he explained about the magic barrier that covers the entire Clover Kingdom to the Magic Knight Captains, Asta, Ruby Rose, Izuku Midoriya and Sojiro.

When Yami Sukehiro indignantly demands why Julius did not use the 2nd Wizard King's barrier during the crisis with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Julius explains that the 2nd Wizard King could not fix the flaw of the barrier no matter how hard he tried which can only be used once and he would have used it if the Spade Kingdom became more aggressive.

With the barrier of the 2nd Wizard King being used, Julius then tells the Magic Knight Captains that they and their squads will use this as an opportunity to put themselves through the training of their lives to get stronger and make it count for the sake of Grimoire World's survival and also other worlds from the Cult Of The End and their allies threatening them.


Powers and Abilities[]

As the 2nd Wizard King, it is presumed that he must be the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom and has the highest authority over the Order of Magic Knights after the passing of 1st Wizard King Lemiel Silvamillion Clover. He is able to create a country-wide magic barrier where anyone with hostile intent towards Clover Kingdom will lose the will to fight upon entry and any magic attacks from the outside will not breach it.